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Tutor Doctor is a leader in providing affordable one-on-one supplementary education to students and adults. We offer in-home tutoring for Math, Sciences, English, ESL, Exam Prep, Socials, French and other language courses. We have great local tutors in British Columbia and have been proudly serving families for over 4 years.

Serving all of British Columbia.

Our Process:

Tutor Doctor Process

1. SET GOALS: We come to your home for a free consultation. We want to understand your student’s academic needs as well as personality and learning style. Our educational consultant will combine information from you, the school, teachers and other professionals, to create an individualized student plan and goals.

2. MATCH: We will match the best tutor for you based on academic requirements, personality, learning style, mentoring needs, geography and schedule.

3. TUTOR: Your tutor will come to your home and tutor according the goals established at the consultation. Some students decide to have homework help and a recap of concepts taught in school, and some student work on missed building blocks. Most of our parents decide to have a combination of the two.

4. REPORT: Session reports will be sent to your email address for each tutoring session. These reports help parents stay in tune with how their student is progressing.

Our Difference

Tutor Doctor provides affordable one-on-one in home tutoring. We create an individualized educational plan for each student and match tutors based on the student’s academic needs and personality. Tutor Doctor can provide support to classroom instruction and assignments and go back and deal with building blocks that were missed.

One-on-one tutoring helps students build confidence, and get individualized support and better grades. Marks typically rise 10 – 20% in the first 6 months. At Tutor Doctor we recognize that making a difference in a student’s academic performance involves having an impact on not only their studies, but also the student’s confidence, organizational/study skills, and dreams. We want to make a lasting difference in our students’ lives.

Home Tutored Students

Private Tutoring for High School & Elementary for Math, Sciences, English & Socials, French and other subjects.

With a wide range of tutors we match students to a tutor that is a good fit for them both academically and personally. We provide one-to-one tutoring in your home for elementary, high school, university and adult education. We cover Math & Calculus. All Sciences, English & Socials as well as languages.

Academic Coaching

Designed for the strong student whose goal is to attain top marks and achieve entrance to elite universities.


Greater Vancouver is one of the most varied cosmopolitan cities on the planet. Whereas English is clearly the first language, it is spoken by more and more people whose first language is not English. Tutor Doctor has a special role to play in helping recent arrivals to develop their English skills. Through our tailored one-on-one tutoring approach, we have helped many children and adults acquire English language skills quickly.

Our tutors improve the student’s reading and writing skills to improve academic studies. In parallel, they progress the student’s speaking and listening skills to enhance understanding in the classroom.

Autism and Special Needs Academic Support

We work with families who have students who require additional support to manage their studies. Particular care is taken to get the right tutor match for these students as we consider learning differences and requirements. Available information from psych ed assessments, teachers and doctors is drawn upon to put together individualized programs to help these students reach goals.

Exam Prep

Need help preparing for those critical exams to get you on your chosen career path? Tutors are ready to help you prepare for the: SAT, SSAT, GMAT, GED, and more!

Contact Tutor Doctor today and Maximize your Potential!

Math & Science

  •  Build Strong Foundation
  •  Improve Study Skills
  •  Prepare for Exams

ESL Tutoring

  •  Better Comprehension
  •  Expand Vocabulary
  •  Communication Skills

Special Needs

  •  Increase Self Esteem
  •  Focused Learning
  •  Social Development

Summer Tutoring

  •  Learn During Summer
  •  1-on-1 In Home Tutors
  •  Be Ready For New Year